Integrated Climate and Information Technology Systems

Premier consultancy specializing in the fields of data collection and management with a focus on climate change and environmental information systems.


ICITS Company

ICITS offers a broad spectrum of services.

Climate change data and information management:

We help organizations and governments understand, analyze, and effectively use climate change data, helping in making informed decisions for mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Forest management databases:

Our team develops robust databases for forest management, assisting governments and organizations in sustainable forestry practices and conservation.

Large-scale surveys Coordination:

We design, manage and execute large-scale surveys using electronic platforms, and with our expert enumerators, ensure the collection of accurate, high and reliable data.

quality control:

Our stringent quality control processes involve surveys controls, constrained GPS locations, ground visits and backcheck calls where necessary.


With our deep expertise in environmental data,
we support the creation of national and international strategy documents, facilitating sustainable resource management.

Advice on climate change adaptation:

We have showcased climate adaptation, measures and provide experienced advice including; Solar panels, climate smart agriculture and intergrated pest management among others.